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These days coffee is on every other young mind but coffee is becoming a great confusion. Days back , there was a coffee and you drink it but now it has different categories. Have you ever gone into a cafe and looked at the menu with the puzzled thought – what is the difference between all of these drinks! Well , there is a huge difference between cappuccino, latte, mocha and  espresso  These are some common types seen in Pakistan.

A cappuccino is recognised by the frothy milk top and often served sprinkled with chocolate powder, this drink is served to the following proportions:
1/3 Espressso
1/3 Steamed Milk
1/3 Froth
The froth on these need not be mounded up in a heap on top of the milk – in fact this is a common misperception. If you have a good barista the froth will be incorporated through the milk when it is being poured provided enough air is put through the milk at time of preparation. When it is poured the froth will sit to the top of the drink.
A latte consists of espresso, and steamed milk served with a small layer of smooth froth on top. Because of the way the latte is poured from the milk jug it is often possible for a trained barista to create ‘latte art’ .
A mocha is basically a latte with chocolate powder incorporated into the drink, to give that coffee, chocolate flavour. It is served similarly to a latte and latte art can also be achieved on these. When latte art is carried out on a mocha they can look very good due to the stronger contrast between chocolate and white froth.
An espresso is very simple, it is the longest pour that can be carried out with a given amount of coffee grounds. For  Served in a demitasse glass or cup, this is the coffee brew carried out quickly and under large amounts of pressure to draw out all of the complex and best attributes of the coffee beans.
Now, enjoy coffee without confusion.