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Sleeping Disorder & Depression

Sleeping Disorder & Depression

A sleeping disorder and other slumber interruptions, which are normal as we age, are nearly identified with sorrow. A sleeping disorder can be a sign that you are discouraged, and on the off chance that you have sleep deprivation yet aren’t discouraged, you’re at higher danger of creating mind-set changes. Obstructive slumber and fretful legs disorder as veins twisting additionally have been connected to depression.





Centuries are passed but still some people do not under stand the difference between talent and mental disorder.

Dyslexia; some call it disease , some say it mental disorder while the one suffering through it believe it as a gift of God. Those who suffer are optimists they live with the smile on their face even if they are broken from inside and never let the other person know that they are stressed. Those who call it disease are pessimists who try to find negative aspects in everything first.


All artists were first immature,

It is not that the people we view today as representative of discoveries or inventions were the ones who used to get 1st division in school. They were the ones like I am. I am going through dyslexia and I am proud while they while they also did.

Following are the dyslexia symptoms.
1) Labled as dumb , immature , not hard working.

2) High in IQ , yet may not test well , or test well orally creates mistake in written.

3) Repetition , Ommision of letters from the words.


4) Feels dumb at times and gets in to low self esteem.

5) Hides or covers weakness by ingenious or complementary statements.

6) Lack concentration and a day dreamer.

7) Seems to zone out , day dream , get lost or often lose track of time.

8) Talented in arts , literature , sports , music.

9) Extraordinary long term memory, experience location.

10) Thinks primary with feelings and images.

11) Confused by verbal explanation.

12) Complains of headache , stomachache , dizziness & sleepiness while reading.

13) Either too quite or trouble maker.

14)  Easily destructed by sounds.

15) Learn best through demonstration , pictures , colors etc.

16) Had unusual early or late growth development like talking , walking , sleeping .

17) Strong sense of justice , emotionally sensitive strives for perfection.

These are the famous dyslexics.

Thomas Edison
Tom Crise
Pablo Picasso
Mohammad Ali
Greham Bell
Albert Einstein
Misheal Faraday
Scott Adams
William Buttler yeast

Let us hope , the pessimists turn to be optimists and dyslexics get appreciation in childhood or teenage or even in their twenties .. before they  turn to be famous.


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