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MSNASS – Sketching By Saad Butt

MSNASS – Sketching By Saad Butt

Deep breath, Eyes Closed, Heart connected & in soulful suspire I long for you.” – Fatima Hasan Zaidi

MSNASS - Sketching By Saad Butt

#SketchingBySaadButtSketching By Saad Butt


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To understand deep thoughts one needs to think deeply by absorbing into the subject and to get deeply absorbed it needs to go through the art of pain and sacrifices. It is not easy for anybody and everybody because it takes the power to love and then break in to pieces and then gathering the broken pieces to keep loving the same subject matter by understanding it deep and deeper..

As Daughters are to Parents; Dolls to the Daughters


As Daughters are to Parents; Dolls to the Daughters

Do read it and inspiration for the girls and parents a story derived from a sketch by Saad Butt

readers can as well place an order for sketch and can get it anywhere in the world

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