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People say politicians are actors, but it is not right to say this as they are the most patriotic people like our army men, like we are and who so ever the part of his patriotic land.

Have you ever given a thought to it? That how difficult it would be for us, the common public to survive in this world of hypocrisy, people cheating each other and what not to be seen in our daily lives…No! We can’t survive if politicians do not play their role in our lives. They are the ones who control things  because for controlling of things we can just not rely on police men as police men are also to be controlled by someone.

It is our common observation and frequently we watch on TV that our politicians are found with diverse aptitudes, but it does not mean that a person is an actor as Aristotle said:

“Man is a social animal”

And it is man’s nature that he is found with different moods. In actual fact, politicians are not actors but it is the fault of our media who exaggerate and provide such views about our politicians and they do so through talk shows on channels. Those people are ordinary people and talk against politicians. Mainly they are actors who try to be politicians.

Just give a thought if politicians would be actors, would there be government hospitals, colleges and schools. Would chief minister of Punjab be arranging different copmetitions and providing money as a token of prize.

## Fatima Hasan Zaidi##