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Mystically Mysterious Love !

Mystically Mysterious Love !

Mystically Mysterious Love By FHZ

And then certainly at night she realizes, she has nobody to talk , nobody who could listen what she wants just the tears roll down her cheeks as darkness prevails around..

Argues herself !

Nobody taught u to fall in love..

It was a fairy tale like

No, it was beyond my control.. She answers

She desires just a little to communicate, just because don’t want to lose..
She knows love has made her selfless & she is helpless because when she talks to herself..
The inner soul just says to her either leave yourself or try to end up selfless.
She is afraid of the fact of staying alone without him..
Because she cant imagine to live that way..
Depth of emotion tells unless it is not painful you can’t call it love..

She replies, Love is for once, it has been done, wont happen ever again..
Throw hands up in the air and says LOVE YOU, it’s irresistible.

It is mysterious

It is really love .. She answers                                                                                                         As, it has made you; , a crazy soul to write about sensitivity of a feeling..

Love is mysteriously mystic!

She answers, Yes I am in

Mystically Mysterious Love !

Copyrights © Fatima Hasan Zaidi





What is this world?

I don’t know I don’t know

Some people are so sweet

Some are not

What is this world?

I don’t know I don’t know

Some people burn their bodies

Some people bury their bodies

What is this world ?

I don’t know I don’t know

Don’t be Bribe and bribe none

For it will kill the better ones

But who will walk so slow

I don’t know I don’t know

In the world of God

All are ruled by equality

In the world of men

What is equality ?

Nobody knows

This world is


A place of sorrow


A place of happiness

But one thing to think is

What is this world ?

nobody exactly knows




Apart 7 wonder of the world Image
i have created 8th
which is so enthusiastic and great
MC Donald’s is 8th wonder of the world
which twinkles apart everywhere as a star
we must thanks Ronald
for creating MC donald’s
each eatable there ends up with wholesome taste
and every body present there is full of grace
dine in or take away
every thing is at its best way
MC DONALD’S is a bond
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and whole of the staff
is as sweet as chocolate bars