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Talk Between Me & Baba


Wrote this poem the other day when I was missing baba a lot, keeping in view the silent talk I had with his body without soul; when he was laying in front of me on a death bed with a miraculous smile on his face.


Love You Baba, In Souvenir of Masood Hasan Zaidi



When I first met you
In your lap I was
I felt like I had known you forever,
telling you everything
And what I didn’t
You knew it by my face

I bet you thought It’d never end,
Who would have even thought
You would leave me like that
When in my hands, your head was

Over a period of time,
I got to learn you
A person so caring and gentle,
With a heart so true

You’ve survived your life
Left us with hurt and loneliness
I told you I’d never leave
Because of the feelings I have inside

I know You
Like no one I have ever known,
And sometimes I wondered
I would be nothing without you

So I have decided
Not to leave you alone
Will come to you daily
No wall, no being can separate us

I love the way we were together,
You used to make me smile
With you I was, You
Now am not even me

Remember me always
and I will too
I always think of
Me and you

And you, Oh you
You are gone…
Though your love was deep
Though my love was deep