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In My Undefined Ways


Standing lonesome at corner of flowing water, staring at sun rays spread wide on water as little crystals getting towards you in such an amazing bliss and the sound of tossing and turning of waves is really peaceful for a sorrowful heart in disguise.” Fatima Hasan Zaidi..




Literature is the artistic expression of thought, which is filled with feelings, emotions and imagination. It is expressed in such a delicate form which gives aesthetic pleasure and relief to the mind of a common man.

Literature also heightens our awareness about human life. It enables us to look at nature without eyes. It is a rose in a moonlight garden, almond blossom, the cup of coffee and a guitar, a bird on the wings and a tree standstill in sand. We are trained to respond to these things and such response is called literature.


Literature is the outcome of best thoughts. The literary person is the one who through books explore strange voyages of man’s moral reasons. Poets, Dramatists, the great preachers and the wise political orators are the men of literature. Literature has close connection with life, it tells how to love the loved one. Life provides the raw material and the literature gathers it and presents it in literary artistic way. Through literature we learn wisdom from Aristotle and geometry from Euclid. Literature is the brain of humanity. It has more to do with written and less with spoken. Spoken words have limited range but writing is full of thoughts that never ends. Literature is a permanent record and is personal in character. Language is the vehicle of thoughts and literature is the way on which vehicle moves.