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Days pass by, time run and the wheel of life takes the turn. Life is a book consisting of various chapters, good as well as bad. Right now I am at a stage where the chapter “college” is ended. The chapter just closed tells the story of 2 best years of my life filled with laughter, happiness, murkiness, crazy moments, blunders, friendships , first year fools and playing tricks on teachers.

This is a transitioning period from college life. This probably is the biggest evolution I  have to face. Entering university means my life is going to take a 360 degree turn. There is a weird feeling because I can clearly remember my first day in school when I was not leaving my mother to sit alone and the teacher played me as a fool by saying there is a zoo in school, school passed on and then college too.

I never thought that I would say that I miss “Govt. Viqar un Nisa Post graduate College “. There was a time I used to say I don’t like going to college but now when it is over I miss it like hell. I never realized that how good the place was , how attached I was to it , how my friends and teachers took care of me whenever I got ill . But now I readily do. It is a period of life all take for granted when they are living it.

Viqar un Nisa College has given me the most comfortable college environment one can ever ask for and it’s just because of our lovely principal Dr. Saira Mufti.

Fatima Hasan Zaidi with Dr. Saira Mufti

Viqar un nisa  was awesome to say at least. being the part of college union as English magazine editor was a great honor,  funfairs, modelling ,weekly tutorials , debates, essay competitions,  student weeks, spring festival, early morning duties , breaking rules, irritating teachers,   open book tests , bunking classes , water fights , cornetto ice cream fight and the last day with uniforms and face painted and making the most horrifying teacher Ma’m Huma Haider running behind us. No words can express the amount of fun I had during my college years.

And I not only miss the fun I had at college but I miss my Education class where i just used to sit lame , computer assignments, computer  lectures in which I used to fall asleep and most of all I miss getting into staff rooms spending time with my favorite teachers Ma’m Hafiza Sarwat Fatima , Ma’m Kaneez Zahra , Mam Nighat adnan and my dearest principal Dr. Saira Mufti, the real lady who says, ” It is nice to be powerful but more  powerful to be nice.”  I miss our big muddy ground where we , friends used to sit often all the time :p talk all nonsense. I really miss my all friends who can make up anyone burst up into laughter, those petty fights over snatching perk chocolate , making fun of new opponent girls and providing teachers with strange names. Till now we were worried about the nerve cracking exams and horrifying looks of teachers but our friends and other college seniors  protected us from cruelties of life now the day has arrived we just get to know that our college life is over we are about to head to university, a professional living scheme.

It is said that we have been ready for university but we are not. That time has gone to never return and not we have to make hard decisions first of which is going to which university  . How can I do so because I am not ready to open a new chapter of my book called “life”? But now as the truth is “college” has gone. We will have new circle of friends.

College is a word that we despise when we are attending it. The nerve cracking papers , never ending punishments  and what not. How we are get done with college  and have to go out to face the real world. Don’t we? But as time comes closer to the final goodbyes to college, we start loving it and just want time to stop. If I start penning down all about my college it will never come to end as we did last bench chatting, cheating tests, writing on chair handles, passing notes and getting kicked out from the class .

No matter how much I try to run from the fact “college”. I have to move on. Now I have to apprehend that era of stupid jokes, loud laughter, clapping with open hands, cartoonish voices, and sweet photographs are ended.  I and my friends have to head ahead in life and start up with university. It is just the starting of another chapter of life. And making it more graceful while we do that i  hope my college friends will reach to the glories of life and will always stay in touch.