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Masood Hasan Zaidi Deficiency

Masood Hasan Zaidi Deficiency
It's the father's month

“It’s the father’s month but mine rests in peace.” Fatima Hasan Zaidi

Every year the beginning of the June was so joyful. I had plans of how to surprise him on Father’s Day and after he left the start of the month and the month itself is so depressing.

I miss him each passing day but at times the desire to touch him, to be wrapped in his arms, head on his chest, his palm on my head, his voice uttering my name is so strong that no other thing and no other being can fulfill his absence.

As the  days are passing by, I am encountering success, with each successful moment. I miss  him even more.

In crowd, in the moments of merrymaking; my eyes wander to and fro just to have his look around. I stop at places I smell his fragrance.

Every such day, or a month enlisting such days; is a throbbing reminder of his deficiency in my life.

My father was like a Vitamin to me and now I have his absence as an utter deficiency. This JUNE is more upsetting than rest of the June(s) I was  through after he traveled to the World Hereafter.

To the extreme it happens to me that  Eid, Holy Celebration and Father’s day; both are falling on day after the other. the depth of my pain can only be understood by the ones who have lost their loved ones.. I  or any human loves to live in illusions so even that  we know one day we all  have to  travel  to the God, the  heart  does not  except the absence of a person at the moment from our life.

Where as I strongly  believe that missing someone makes us alive that the one  we love  breathes with us and is along. Condolences never make me feel  good.

“What I believe in is what I know that is what my father gave me in heritage was ‘ The Power of Dominance’.” – Fatima Hasan Zaidi


Happy Birth Day Baba

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Dr. Masood Hasan Zaidi – 25sSep1962 To 17July2014

Happy Birth Day Baba,

I wish to hear the phone ringing for at least on his birth day; calling from somewhere so i can wish him on his day & listen to his voice.. I though too much about you today, looking for you in the air, sensing your fragrance around. Missing you is nothing new, i thought about you yesterday and the day before that too. I think of you in the silence, even utter your name in order to talk to you, when people hurt i long for you..All i have are the pictures full of life.. Though i long for or fresh pictures at every moment.. Each of my achievement is incomplete without you. I look for you in the sky at the brightest shining start at night.. You have left along number of great people yet no one can replace you because nobody else got the childhood i had. Those vary memories so vividly present in my flash back. It is the memories that keep me strong and head up; in front of every living creature, who even say a lot to me directly on the face because they think i m alone and you are not with me, but they are unaware of our bond..
When i was your i had you as protection over head so nobody had the grit to speak over
Now that i am a grown up i have your emotive shadow always around that keeps the satanic thoughts of the people far away from me baba, yet they are non belivers of love.
It is nothing more than a lovely unbreakable bond. 
May you be happy wherever you are, may you read what i write for you, may you come feel the pain i suffer on the birth days though mine or yours… Lots of Love, Jia

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All in the crowd I long for you


Life has become more confused as it was never before. Never I  had watery eyes at times of happiness but now I  don’t understand how to happy when a part of me is always in search of him.. The memories do not stop having flash backs from the past. I feel him along but I can’t see him, I miss him much.. I  am not able to control myself even in crowd all of a sudden the memories makes me burst into tears and nothing can help.

By: Fatima Hasan Zaidi

A Notepad Which Spoke About Baba


I was sitting calm under a perfectly blended blue sky with a writing pad in my lap,a pen in right hand and as I started to take in and out the oxygen; tears rolled down my cheeks wordlessly then got absorbed in the skin. Well this is a natural process happens with everybody but nobody ever went in its deep detail.

During it in between a secondment millions and millions of thoughts crossed my mind and one of the most heart rendering thought was that I thought I am alone, I was thinking about the stuff and then I wanted to communicate with baba not in the sense as people say that baba listens do me but i wanted to hear his voice talking to me..

Thinking it, the flow of tears increased. Suddenly I heard flip flop of the paper, attention diverted as if the paper of the notepad was trying to speak to me in that moment of silence I Looked at it and began to roll the pen over the page, jotting down my thoughts and as I wrote the feelings; it started to feel better.

Though even then I was unable to hear baba but his voice redeemed in my mind. By turning the page eventually the pen stopped rolling over and the notepad’s page kept blank as if it said, it can not bear the flooding eyes and the love between a father and a daughter as some thoughts stay in head as no one can answer them except the one you are looking for and I am just a page to help you feel better but can’t bring you back your baba.

I was depressed about it and suddenly I found my self lying in baba’s lap where I felt the warmth of vibrant blazing colors as the whole scenario happened between we two. I was happy and instantaneously I opened my eyes to hug him and then got to know, it was a dream.

A beautiful Dream.

By: Fatima Hasan Zaidi



I knew girl a few months back who was such a lazy, sleepy girly that she used used to sleep all the time. Whenever anyone asked; the answer used to be might be sleeping, she is sleeping, sleeping of course or just about to sleep. But then as her dad passed away everything changed. She lost her dear baba and she was lost in herself. She lost the way she used to sleep, everything changed and all is that she about her baba along the breaths she take. She communicates in the air assuming baba to be with her and listening to her voice and dreadfully even at nights she is unable to sleep. All she does is try to put herself to sleep by calling baba and asking him that Baba

Bohat der ho gai hai, Jia sona chahti hai, Jia ko aak sulaa dein…


Translates: It is too late, Jia wants to sleep coma and put her to sleep.

I miss you a lot baba.

Jia is my pet name..

BY: Fatima Hasan Zaidi

Talk Between Me & Baba


Wrote this poem the other day when I was missing baba a lot, keeping in view the silent talk I had with his body without soul; when he was laying in front of me on a death bed with a miraculous smile on his face.


The Month of August and Baba

The Month of August and Baba

Life is uncertain, it happens when we are unaware that we will get birth on a land and then will be loved by people then they become an important part of our being.

I belong to a dignified man, Dr. MASOOD HASAN ZAIDI who was a senior govrnment servant; Consultant Anesthetist in Benazir Bhutto Hospital. Where he served the humanity by his profession he served the land of the brave as well, known as Pakistan as a devoted child of Pakistan by curing the injured and showed the devotedness of a true Pakistani; every year.

As August started, he required a badge to put on his shirt while going on duty to BBH Rawalpindi clipping it on shirt was an obligation, ‘phuljarri’ was his favourite and listening to national songs around the month and I being his daughter followed his steps along.

This year, it is all so different as he passed away to the eternal world suddenly by heartattack on 17 July 2014. This sad demise of my father left me in craving nothing in the month of August.

Today, as his memories flew by my side I remembered the August last year and the lightening near parliament house. No doubt he gave me beautiful memories and I am nothing without him. All the time he asked me to care about Pakistan, to make it prosperous but left me with his uncountable wishes for the nation.

My days and nights are differnt, I am without baba but being his daughter will fullfil his desires.


So I thought to put Pakistan’s flag for you because I love you.


Proud Pakistanis, we are 🙂