Believers of Imam Hussain A.S

Believers of Imam Hussain A.S

And dear ‘so called perfectionists’ of the  society, I am not answerable to anybody for what I write but Allah only. And I write what  I  feel.

Thoughts burn in my heart when I see elderly people doing obnoxious stuff in the sacred month of Muharram, between the Aashura specialy. People full of knowledge do not see the positivism of the Majalis  going around, they never take out minutes to listen any thing to clear their own disturbed thoughts exclaiming things about Shia Sect that mourn over the month.

Instead they  try to  find out the sarcastic stuff and talk over it then share it over the social media.. Wow, indeed for such people who see the photo shopped photographs put  lines over it  and post it as “INNOVATION” in Islam. One can clearly recognize if blood is shown with colors or some thing is genuine out there.

I am no scholar but just a believer of Imam Hussain  (A.S), I write just when thoughts prove me to think.. Just one thing to ponder upon is that, I will directly say non believers of Imam Hussain A.S are those who instead of mourning upon HIS  loss, start blabbing around on others with various statements. Often we  listen ” Shia Kafir” those who speak bad about  a sect of Islam are the ones who hurt their fellow Muslims exclaiming  themselves to be the great one.

In this scenario why do they forget that.

It is stated in QURAN not to hurt.

  • By which Allah guides those who pursue His pleasure to the ways of peace and brings them out from darkness into the light, by His permission, and guides them to a straight path. (5:16)

    Since the childhood we listen that deeds of a person will remain with the person who is doing so, it will not affect others in  surroundings so why does the living by people are affected by MOURNING and MATAM  others do. That should not be and understand that Allah may not ask them that why you were after that fellow to stop mourning.

The thing is do these kind of people do everything as stated in the Holy Book. Do they not lie? Do they not  hurt others? Do they behave very well with their relatives? Do they not hurt people by their taunts? Do they not backbite. In short if these people are perfect in practicing the teachings of Islam, they may do so or stop people but when they are  not perfect  they must  work on themselves not to create mess over web as part of the proxy wars.

It is a common thing that when a loved one dies you have no control over yourself. You cry, you behave in a different way because you lose your consciousness and crying or mourning over a loved one is not wrong so people should keep their filthy thoughts to themselves though it be Moharram or some ones death.

When you loose a loved one you start to understand the meaning of mourning of the Karbala more because when you see a death from so close ; you start to feel the pain of those who were martyred by the so called Muslims of that time.

Those who say that crying  is wrong over a dead may increase their knowledge as it is not an innovation (.

Quran details the crying of the skies and the earth in the Quran;

  • And neither heaven nor earth shed a tear over them: nor were they given a respite (again). (44:29)

So, all must see themselves and stop poking their noses around, because others mourning will not bother you in your grave and you are nobody to work on what others believe and others will never change the religious practice because of anybody..

Simply, who can not feel the pain of Imam Hussain A.S and the love for HIM by his believers should go and read about it instead of asking others to tell them about Imam Hussain A.S. and reading for increasing self knowledge is as well verily stated in Quran.

(96:1 – 5)

Read in the name of your Lord who created. Created man from a clinging substance. Read, and your Lord is the most Generous. Who taught by the pen . Taught man that which he knew not.


Happy Birth Day Baba

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Dr. Masood Hasan Zaidi – 25sSep1962 To 17July2014

Happy Birth Day Baba,

I wish to hear the phone ringing for at least on his birth day; calling from somewhere so i can wish him on his day & listen to his voice.. I though too much about you today, looking for you in the air, sensing your fragrance around. Missing you is nothing new, i thought about you yesterday and the day before that too. I think of you in the silence, even utter your name in order to talk to you, when people hurt i long for you..All i have are the pictures full of life.. Though i long for or fresh pictures at every moment.. Each of my achievement is incomplete without you. I look for you in the sky at the brightest shining start at night.. You have left along number of great people yet no one can replace you because nobody else got the childhood i had. Those vary memories so vividly present in my flash back. It is the memories that keep me strong and head up; in front of every living creature, who even say a lot to me directly on the face because they think i m alone and you are not with me, but they are unaware of our bond..
When i was your i had you as protection over head so nobody had the grit to speak over
Now that i am a grown up i have your emotive shadow always around that keeps the satanic thoughts of the people far away from me baba, yet they are non belivers of love.
It is nothing more than a lovely unbreakable bond. 
May you be happy wherever you are, may you read what i write for you, may you come feel the pain i suffer on the birth days though mine or yours… Lots of Love, Jia

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Social Media, Pain In The Neck !


download        Day by day as we grow up we started to encounter new things in life. Some were good while others were not and some were made to be used for a little while. Life always taught us that amusement objects are not made to have impact on life relations but while growing up people stopped paying heed to it; so social media became their first priority and relations went on after that, sad!

No doubt, technology is taking over the present day living beings so is social media though number and number of benefits are obtained out of it but still then a I feel it being bound in box if I make technology my ultimate goal. Despite of everything available online I don’t feel satisfaction in reading newspaper or books online. Some stuff only pleases you the way you have been doing since your birth. A few things can be evolved in life but predominantly can’t be altered.

To believe it or not in our society social media is proving to be a great menace not just in youth but in every important matter of life; ranging from friendships to relationships, family disputes or political affairs. Where social media is proving itself best in providing freelance jobs and general knowledge it is  being a great pain in the neck and a point of egoistic assumptions destroying peaceful lives.

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Knowing Friends On A Friendship Day!



Today, 7th August 2016 being the friendship day is one of the most meaningful days of all the days we celebrate but after years of growth I have finally recognized that everybody you meet is not your friend. Every passerby, workmate or any one you socialize with cannot be labeled as friend neither a friend is someone you have spent about years along.

Being friends and knowing the exact meaning to it is not something like opening a mathematical formula but just a little feeling of intimacy which can make anybody your friend with a glimpse of a rolling eye, though. That friend can be anybody you feel comfortable around, who understands you well and is your friend without any false purpose or the urge of betrayal.

As true friendship is a bond which holds tight like fish are in pond. In life by the time I can clearly differentiate between a friend and a foe while the most poisonous is the one who remained your friend on purpose.

Keeping the mean ones aside I have got a few people in life who to say are the best and without a doubt I consider them my friends and yes they are my family. I also encountered people in life who were not happy with the point of I appreciate a lot that I think life on earth is not possible without a particular group of people I call my friends.

To appreciate those friends we celebrate this day known as “friendship day.” I am glad to the best ones in life naming them this one group is the one who gave me a rebirth after baba passed away.  Standing by me through thick and thin and without you all I could not have been what I am today as that point was the one I thought I could not survive ahead.

So I am thankful my dear friends and the best of the best ones. Saad Butt, Gibran bin Tahir, Muneeb Khalid, Abdul Aala, Asad Nawaz, Sara Khan, Noor Tariq, Chaudary (Khurram Masood), Khadija Shafquat  & Aqdus Viqar .

Moreover the two best ones over the internet Nikolas Kremer and Carol Scott.

Other lovelies from university Bazil Zafar, Shafeh Ali Butt, Iqra Rana, Zarnab Tariq, Asfand Yar Dar, Sana Barkaat, Saad Altaf, Umer Bashir, Waqas (Banta), Malik Rehan, Nubla Farrukh, Arslan Warraich, Fatima Tariq, Osman Zaman Kumail, Ali Ahmad, Aresha Sohail.

Happy to be with the other best people Elsa Imdad, Zain Saleem, Uzair (fauji), Rahat Izhar, Mona Shahid & Sharjeel Qureshi.

While came and went.

At times meeting once or twice turns out to be as lovely as it has been ages to know someone so well that it twirls in to friendship. The meeting with the Punjab University group over a hill station for about 2 days gave me more of the amazing friends; Zain ul Hasan, Ashu Khan and Arslan Sheikh.

Life is so small but it gives us so many people to live by. Some so sweet that your mind functions to receive them as friends.

Happy Friendship Day!




I Wish For No Life


“At last there are some very painful moments in life which are kept a strong secret neither can be communicated nor kept inside; it strangely results in tears not ready to flow out. Actually frozen tears. It is when your heart says to hold on but the half of the heart or whatever says to move on. Life is so dreadful.” – Fatima Hasan Zaidi