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Social Media, Pain In The Neck !


download        Day by day as we grow up we started to encounter new things in life. Some were good while others were not and some were made to be used for a little while. Life always taught us that amusement objects are not made to have impact on life relations but while growing up people stopped paying heed to it; so social media became their first priority and relations went on after that, sad!

No doubt, technology is taking over the present day living beings so is social media though number and number of benefits are obtained out of it but still then a I feel it being bound in box if I make technology my ultimate goal. Despite of everything available online I don’t feel satisfaction in reading newspaper or books online. Some stuff only pleases you the way you have been doing since your birth. A few things can be evolved in life but predominantly can’t be altered.

To believe it or not in our society social media is proving to be a great menace not just in youth but in every important matter of life; ranging from friendships to relationships, family disputes or political affairs. Where social media is proving itself best in providing freelance jobs and general knowledge it is  being a great pain in the neck and a point of egoistic assumptions destroying peaceful lives.

Copyright © Fatima Hasan Zaidi | Year Posted 2016


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To understand deep thoughts one needs to think deeply by absorbing into the subject and to get deeply absorbed it needs to go through the art of pain and sacrifices. It is not easy for anybody and everybody because it takes the power to love and then break in to pieces and then gathering the broken pieces to keep loving the same subject matter by understanding it deep and deeper..

A Notepad Which Spoke About Baba


I was sitting calm under a perfectly blended blue sky with a writing pad in my lap,a pen in right hand and as I started to take in and out the oxygen; tears rolled down my cheeks wordlessly then got absorbed in the skin. Well this is a natural process happens with everybody but nobody ever went in its deep detail.

During it in between a secondment millions and millions of thoughts crossed my mind and one of the most heart rendering thought was that I thought I am alone, I was thinking about the stuff and then I wanted to communicate with baba not in the sense as people say that baba listens do me but i wanted to hear his voice talking to me..

Thinking it, the flow of tears increased. Suddenly I heard flip flop of the paper, attention diverted as if the paper of the notepad was trying to speak to me in that moment of silence I Looked at it and began to roll the pen over the page, jotting down my thoughts and as I wrote the feelings; it started to feel better.

Though even then I was unable to hear baba but his voice redeemed in my mind. By turning the page eventually the pen stopped rolling over and the notepad’s page kept blank as if it said, it can not bear the flooding eyes and the love between a father and a daughter as some thoughts stay in head as no one can answer them except the one you are looking for and I am just a page to help you feel better but can’t bring you back your baba.

I was depressed about it and suddenly I found my self lying in baba’s lap where I felt the warmth of vibrant blazing colors as the whole scenario happened between we two. I was happy and instantaneously I opened my eyes to hug him and then got to know, it was a dream.

A beautiful Dream.

By: Fatima Hasan Zaidi