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Happy Birth Day Baba

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Dr. Masood Hasan Zaidi – 25sSep1962 To 17July2014

Happy Birth Day Baba,

I wish to hear the phone ringing for at least on his birth day; calling from somewhere so i can wish him on his day & listen to his voice.. I though too much about you today, looking for you in the air, sensing your fragrance around. Missing you is nothing new, i thought about you yesterday and the day before that too. I think of you in the silence, even utter your name in order to talk to you, when people hurt i long for you..All i have are the pictures full of life.. Though i long for or fresh pictures at every moment.. Each of my achievement is incomplete without you. I look for you in the sky at the brightest shining start at night.. You have left along number of great people yet no one can replace you because nobody else got the childhood i had. Those vary memories so vividly present in my flash back. It is the memories that keep me strong and head up; in front of every living creature, who even say a lot to me directly on the face because they think i m alone and you are not with me, but they are unaware of our bond..
When i was your i had you as protection over head so nobody had the grit to speak over
Now that i am a grown up i have your emotive shadow always around that keeps the satanic thoughts of the people far away from me baba, yet they are non belivers of love.
It is nothing more than a lovely unbreakable bond. 
May you be happy wherever you are, may you read what i write for you, may you come feel the pain i suffer on the birth days though mine or yours… Lots of Love, Jia

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Special occasions and events in your life are often depressing once somebody had died. The actual fact that that person isn’t there with you at massive moments will feel extremely strange. It will create even the happiest occasion some what unhappy and therefore the ones in surroundings fails to grasp it as a result of to all what matters is their happiness.

In such situations  whatever you do or try to put a fake smile is also because you have to survive in the hypocritical society but still then you hate the clingy type of people who  try to stick to you  on their random issues and again just thinking about themselves they do not understand what you are going through.
Since past few months I have been going  through some of the big moments, one of them was graduation but i  did not feel like even highlighting it as I have all but not baba with me so  I feel  alone  and same is the case with the day today.
Eid is not bringing the joy to me, how could I be happy or pretend to be when the heart is not  happy.

How i felt a day before baba’s death


k wrote it in Urdu after a year to my father’s death completed about what i felt the night before my father passed away. here is the meaning of it in English. Jia is my nick name

A year back from now, it was a strange night, i was having strange feelings, i felt like God is telling me that I will take away your dad but I pushed away the stupid though not remembering it. but the next day it was true God took him away.

#Fatima Hasan Zaidi

Sleeping Disorder & Depression

Sleeping Disorder & Depression

A sleeping disorder and other slumber interruptions, which are normal as we age, are nearly identified with sorrow. A sleeping disorder can be a sign that you are discouraged, and on the off chance that you have sleep deprivation yet aren’t discouraged, you’re at higher danger of creating mind-set changes. Obstructive slumber and fretful legs disorder as veins twisting additionally have been connected to depression.