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Only A Mother Can Understand!

Only A Mother Can Understand!

“So this post states well that it is not an easy task to be a mum anyway round. Being a new mum and taking the motherhood along on with my 14 days old little boy. Now I get that how difficult i was as child to my mum till a very big age. It is a number n number of things a mum goes through with first a child in the womb and then when he is in your hands. No one, certainly no one understands the pain of a child except your own mum. There is a vast difference of the criteria to understand you between your direct relations and the relations in law. I hope I as child would have understood my mum’s fears for me before i carried him in my womb for 9 months but certainly no one can understand the mixture of pain and love until and unless he or she goes through it. I believe men will never understand the fact because they do not face pregnancy or the pains of delivery and to the same point even all the others except men, the women do not or will not if she is not your own mom. ” – Fatima Hasan Zaidi

It Is OKAY To Be Lost

It Is OKAY To Be Lost

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“This is all new and it is all fine to feel a little lost and it is fine to feel unsure, it is the time when words don’t roll out but the eyes get wet. There is no way to deal with it except shedding the silent tears and praying deep as the tears even don’t roll down but gather by the side of the eyelids. This is when you try to be at your best but still it can not e enough. No one tries to understand the feeling of transformation that goes inch by inch in your body, that’s making the changes in you without your permission and all in all if nothing is in your hands, being with your mum in such a situation is the cure, as she is the only one who has been through it around 26 years back what I am through. Whereas I am sure the changes she went by were same as default without asking her. But a writer can all do is to shed tears and write about what she feels. While being in the time of changing I think it is completely okay to go through what I am through is called adjusting. This is so difficult and no one will ever know about it.” – An Excerpt from the life of Fatima Hasan Zaidi(7.9.2019)

Gear UP Yourselves With Bakshi Brothers @ Art Langar

Gear UP Yourselves With Bakshi Brothers @ Art Langar

Hello Folks,j

I hope you are following the loop of writings for ART LANGAR and of course the ART LANGAR too. So, I was having  a quick  view at the list of  artists performing at  the event on the first day and BAKSHI BROTHERS, is  one of them and you  must  not leave  their  performance because they are super cook for  the genre they are into.

For the 1st time Bakshi Brothers and Hashim Mehmood from Blackhour performing together a very special song for all the Islooites.

There is a quick sneak peak of the  awesomeness your ears will encounter on 2nd December 2017. There is a a little treat  for you too so Bakshi Brothers will share  the stage around 9 pm 🙂

These words your  eyes have just  gone through are all written by talking to Shery Bakshi, member of Bakshi Brothers. 

See you soon!


When Love Becomes Needle like


So, people who  follow my blog must get into a thought  that i posts lame stuff and i  agree i  do because  it may  not  be  lame for me. I  am a person who  write  and  writes on all social  mediums yet i get at a point  when writing is the  only  solution i have may  be to  get  out of  my anxiety zone and i  can not  put  my  thoughts to anyone ears. Yet i want to  departure in peace..

The  feeling of loneliness is  dreadful I have  been  through it once. Yet  to get out  of  loneliness i  can write  only.  When tear  flow out all day long you  keep  on  absorbing  them in so  that  people  around you do  not  know  what  you  are  through. You  call it love. When you start  hating  long winter nights you  call it  love.

When you  are left  lonely yet in love, it is when love becomes needle like. I wonder I have been a strong woman or the almighty can end my beats so I wont have to go through the weak part where i  feel the stuff so  deep yet i  think the  dictionary should  not  had have a  word like love in it. it hurts and it hurts a lot and loneliness hurts more.


Social Media, Pain In The Neck !


download        Day by day as we grow up we started to encounter new things in life. Some were good while others were not and some were made to be used for a little while. Life always taught us that amusement objects are not made to have impact on life relations but while growing up people stopped paying heed to it; so social media became their first priority and relations went on after that, sad!

No doubt, technology is taking over the present day living beings so is social media though number and number of benefits are obtained out of it but still then a I feel it being bound in box if I make technology my ultimate goal. Despite of everything available online I don’t feel satisfaction in reading newspaper or books online. Some stuff only pleases you the way you have been doing since your birth. A few things can be evolved in life but predominantly can’t be altered.

To believe it or not in our society social media is proving to be a great menace not just in youth but in every important matter of life; ranging from friendships to relationships, family disputes or political affairs. Where social media is proving itself best in providing freelance jobs and general knowledge it is  being a great pain in the neck and a point of egoistic assumptions destroying peaceful lives.

Copyright © Fatima Hasan Zaidi | Year Posted 2016

Knowing Friends On A Friendship Day!



Today, 7th August 2016 being the friendship day is one of the most meaningful days of all the days we celebrate but after years of growth I have finally recognized that everybody you meet is not your friend. Every passerby, workmate or any one you socialize with cannot be labeled as friend neither a friend is someone you have spent about years along.

Being friends and knowing the exact meaning to it is not something like opening a mathematical formula but just a little feeling of intimacy which can make anybody your friend with a glimpse of a rolling eye, though. That friend can be anybody you feel comfortable around, who understands you well and is your friend without any false purpose or the urge of betrayal.

As true friendship is a bond which holds tight like fish are in pond. In life by the time I can clearly differentiate between a friend and a foe while the most poisonous is the one who remained your friend on purpose.

Keeping the mean ones aside I have got a few people in life who to say are the best and without a doubt I consider them my friends and yes they are my family. I also encountered people in life who were not happy with the point of I appreciate a lot that I think life on earth is not possible without a particular group of people I call my friends.

To appreciate those friends we celebrate this day known as “friendship day.” I am glad to the best ones in life naming them this one group is the one who gave me a rebirth after baba passed away.  Standing by me through thick and thin and without you all I could not have been what I am today as that point was the one I thought I could not survive ahead.

So I am thankful my dear friends and the best of the best ones. Saad Butt, Gibran bin Tahir, Muneeb Khalid, Abdul Aala, Asad Nawaz, Sara Khan, Noor Tariq, Chaudary (Khurram Masood), Khadija Shafquat  & Aqdus Viqar .

Moreover the two best ones over the internet Nikolas Kremer and Carol Scott.

Other lovelies from university Bazil Zafar, Shafeh Ali Butt, Iqra Rana, Zarnab Tariq, Asfand Yar Dar, Sana Barkaat, Saad Altaf, Umer Bashir, Waqas (Banta), Malik Rehan, Nubla Farrukh, Arslan Warraich, Fatima Tariq, Osman Zaman Kumail, Ali Ahmad, Aresha Sohail.

Happy to be with the other best people Elsa Imdad, Zain Saleem, Uzair (fauji), Rahat Izhar, Mona Shahid & Sharjeel Qureshi.

While came and went.

At times meeting once or twice turns out to be as lovely as it has been ages to know someone so well that it twirls in to friendship. The meeting with the Punjab University group over a hill station for about 2 days gave me more of the amazing friends; Zain ul Hasan, Ashu Khan and Arslan Sheikh.

Life is so small but it gives us so many people to live by. Some so sweet that your mind functions to receive them as friends.

Happy Friendship Day!