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Red Bull, one of Pakistan’s most celebrated energy drinks has recently caught attention for the Football World Cup. Where red bull strengthens you equally this video is. An optimistic visual that’s full of excitement and the colours of the city, where the football is actually manufactured. , Red Bull came up with brilliant thought telling the mass about Sialkot, city of Pakistan; where football is manufactured.

Soul of the Football, Sialkot Pakistan 

This is a must watch video if you are  crazy  about the game you  should  know who  makes it  how.

The setting of the  visual  starts in the Hub of Sialkot with a man  welcoming you  with  Dhol, representing culture of Pakistan. Spotting  the footballs in a custom Pakistani way hanging  outside the shops. For more details please watch the video.



AskME app Review-The Baap of all Apps

AskME app Review-The Baap of all Apps is the next generation mobile app which serves as a one-stop solution destination that offers it’s users local search option, deals, online classifieds, buy now and voice features. provides a simple solution to the user by eliminating the need to switch between different platforms like JustDial, OLX, Snapdeal, Groupon and more. All these options are available on one place i.e. and it does not end here it can turn out to be a boon for users particularly on mobile as they don’t need to switch
back and forth.

Once you Download AskMe App, You can start you local search like never before within seconds even standing by roadside. It has become even easier to use this service from a mobile phone than from a desktop PC.

You can also review items on the the platform before making a final decision and that is something which completes your search from start to end on the

How to use this App? Go to the home screen of app,just type in what you are searching for and there you go.

The ease and convenience of the app gives you the power to search “on the go” in your local area. It does not matter what you may be looking for, you can find it all on So if you are on a road trip or away from your desktop, don’t just wait.

The mobile app is available for smartphone users as for Android and iOS