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Heartiest Tribute to Amna Zulfiqar

Heartiest Tribute to Amna Zulfiqar

In the living era we often are in the grip of trends that are obviously  created by humans like us. We habitually listen the word ‘Tribute’ for the ones who live no more. But the fact is strange; what happiness they may have from it. So pay  tribute to the  ones who can seek pleasure from it

What does tribute means?

A tribute is merely an act that is intended to show gratitude, respect, or admiration for a person.

So, just sitting by  it popped up in my head why should not I be the one on changing trends and should write for one of my great mentor from NUML, Mam Amna Zulfiqar. I really adore the beautiful being in the premises of the university. Where as, my story  of inspiration toss around hilarious twists and turns towards Ma’m Amna and I feel no regrets stating it all straight forwardly.

You can say it the story of a student-teacher relationship or in my words the story of immense horrific rays turning into bright shining love.

Who is Amna Zulfiqar?

When you listen her name, in your head a glory of smile captures the scenery with a doll like girl embellished with soft light and blooming flowers. In short, the most glamorous teacher. All the days, dressed up in an amazing  manner.. Simply a beauty.

When We Met

The story of our interaction, is not something less than meeting a monster, I stay very honest in  explaining  my  feelings and not afraid that  she  might read it and I  will  again  feel the monstrous jerks. Not so long ago in 2016, I  graduated from NUML, BS Mass Communication. No doubt, I was  one of the most  creepiest students of my class and felt extreme pride in misbehaving, not studying, bunking with an aim that the  teacher should see me that i a on a bunk… Well about my  creepiness  will write in another blog.

Coming to the point, it was my 5th semester. Mam Amna used to teach Online Journalism. Unfortunately, the hardest period of my life. when baba passed away. So alL the teachers treated me more or less like a baby but in the  fairies she seemed to me like a ghost.

I was so so so afraid of her that each of her class was like a head ache I used to e so afraid because she used to listen the previous day’s lecture from me. I ever tried not to  have an eye contact with her yet I was the first one to repeat the lesson.

I remember a time when she talked to me in a way that I actually wanted to eat her up. So one day, it was  our class on the top floor and it was a rainy day. Not intended to attend  the class I was roaming around. She caught me, brought me to class and I had to sit in. While in between she asked me something and I was to the moon and  back absent minded. I had no clue what was she asking about. She exclaimed ” First you did not want to come to the  class, now you  do not know the answer and you  are looking at me like you want to eat me.”

Though terrified I was, tears rolled down the cheeks!

I exclaimed on a harsh tone ‘Yes I am looking at you like I want to eat you.’ I ran out of the class. Direct to the  staff room.

After the incident for days I was not  in the condition to face her.

But this all the creepy stuff of the student life,settled soon with her by the 7th semester she came to teach somehow we were on the better terms.

But the creepiness I had with Ma’m Amna, made me a strong girl. Later after graduation on my first job, I  was through a situation that I wanted to  smack the office’s door  and run to home but I realized that this was not  possible at a job.

And my brain screeched, this i not Amna Zulfiqar’s class. You need to be patient. My monstrous 5th semester made me tough that I was able to control  my tears rolling down. Not to the whole but had a little stamina built in. This day in my life made me feel that I was missing her to an extent that i  felt colossal love and gratitude for her, ‘Ma’m Amna’

A few day after my  realization, I told it to her and she said. ” I am happy to see you like this Fatima, excelling in the field. I wanted you to be strong so I never pampered you like the other teachers because I saw a rebel in you and I knew being rebellious, you will object my harsh word.”

Listening to this, I became so happy that I started loving her so much. And now I follow as she said.

“Stand straight, chin up and eyes focused on the goal to be achieved.” –  Amna Zulfiqar

Heartiest Tribute to Amna Zulfiqar




I am 18 september 2014. 16 Years back on 18 September 1998, a little baby boy was born. He was ganju (bald), white and pink, & very tiny creature on earth. After days he was named as Ahmad Hasan Zaidi son of Dr. Masood Hasan Zaidi. Today along with 18th september counting since 1998 Ahmad is also 16 yeard old..

The day is different but alomst the people are same. What the major loss and different aspect this year is that Ahmad is going through a birthday without baba. But Ahmad is unaware of the fact that baba is around him and he wants to see Ahmad, happy on his day that is why baba asked 18th September 2014 to state if it was a happy day than it should happy today too. 🙂

Hello Ahmad, you were small and now you are as big as a monster, as I was requested to come to you by your baba. I am here to wish you a very happy birthday. May you live long and be strong. You are a sun to the family now. You are a very strong and creative person, I know because I am just a day and your baba told it all about you. He asked me to inform you that he is watching you right from the top of the sky. He is a star ther shining bright and providing you by his light. Whenever you smile that star, I mean your baba shines even more... So remember no more tears today, just be happy and make baba happy by your smile.
Baba love you so much, dear Ahmad.

Happy !6th Birthday

Happy !6th Birthday




Centuries are passed but still some people do not under stand the difference between talent and mental disorder.

Dyslexia; some call it disease , some say it mental disorder while the one suffering through it believe it as a gift of God. Those who suffer are optimists they live with the smile on their face even if they are broken from inside and never let the other person know that they are stressed. Those who call it disease are pessimists who try to find negative aspects in everything first.


All artists were first immature,

It is not that the people we view today as representative of discoveries or inventions were the ones who used to get 1st division in school. They were the ones like I am. I am going through dyslexia and I am proud while they while they also did.

Following are the dyslexia symptoms.
1) Labled as dumb , immature , not hard working.

2) High in IQ , yet may not test well , or test well orally creates mistake in written.

3) Repetition , Ommision of letters from the words.


4) Feels dumb at times and gets in to low self esteem.

5) Hides or covers weakness by ingenious or complementary statements.

6) Lack concentration and a day dreamer.

7) Seems to zone out , day dream , get lost or often lose track of time.

8) Talented in arts , literature , sports , music.

9) Extraordinary long term memory, experience location.

10) Thinks primary with feelings and images.

11) Confused by verbal explanation.

12) Complains of headache , stomachache , dizziness & sleepiness while reading.

13) Either too quite or trouble maker.

14)  Easily destructed by sounds.

15) Learn best through demonstration , pictures , colors etc.

16) Had unusual early or late growth development like talking , walking , sleeping .

17) Strong sense of justice , emotionally sensitive strives for perfection.

These are the famous dyslexics.

Thomas Edison
Tom Crise
Pablo Picasso
Mohammad Ali
Greham Bell
Albert Einstein
Misheal Faraday
Scott Adams
William Buttler yeast

Let us hope , the pessimists turn to be optimists and dyslexics get appreciation in childhood or teenage or even in their twenties .. before they  turn to be famous.


Happy Living





Image  Centuries are gone by, mindsets, norms and values are changed. Numbers of people have adopted optimistic living styles but still the society is full of pessimists too. For many, life is incomplete without cursing others.

Life is a mixture of feelings and emotions where people possess different thoughts. Some love to curse others while some either lit a candle or try to be candle, which burns itself to light the way for others. It is much better to do something about a problem instead of complaining. We must look at a positive aspect and hope for the best because sun shines after a dark night and the one who is focused towards success drags out light of optimism from the darkness of curse. Lighting up a candle causes nothing bad, as thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle.
As Sarmad Tariq ,  Image To whome I met in (KAHO – YOUTH  TALK SHOW , which was he production of BLACK BOX & THINK TWICE PAKISTAN)
“The Chairman”  Image motivates the youth of today by narrating his real life story and seriously motivated me by telling that at the age of 15 , after meeting a swimming accident he was paralyzed from the left shoulder down and confined to a wheelchair. After this accident he did not lose hope but cultivated the stems of positivity and he was the first wheelchair bound athlete to participate in Lahore marathon and completed race in 7 and a half hours , he qualified to represent his country in New York and returned with a finishers medal.

This taught me , that every living being go through a dark moment but if we keep on cursing it , either it will make us a moron or we end up a death. So we must believe on the fact that all the darkness in the world can not extinguish the light of a single candle. At times in lonesome nights I question myself and seek for the answer that what is the reason that it gets too difficult for people to lit a candle? Image If they are unable to lit it , then they do not have any rights to curse others. Keeping in mind the fact that they themselves are the roots of curse. To light a candle is to cast a shadow. Whenever somebody tries to light a candle, he defines his character through it and becomes inspiration for others and the chain of inspiration and admiration goes on as a single candle can light up many more. Candles tell us that we live by learning as much as we burn ourselves people get light from us. This is a special reason that our teachers our known as candles because they consume their energy to enlighten us with the knowledge they possess.
We must remember that there is a candle in each and every soul. Some burning, some dark and old but all busy in seeking out the helpless and the poor and the deceived. Many candles can be kindled from 1 without diminishing it. It is due to light of candles that from a baby till an adult get a smile on his birthday while blowing a candle and making a wish.
“They say that instead of cursing the darkness, one should light a candle. Nothing is mentioned, though, about cursing a lack of candles.”
by George Carlin