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Coke Studio launches Kalash based song ‘Pareek’

Coke Studio launches Kalash based song ‘Pareek’

Mix and match of the vast culture of the land of the pure, Pakistan has been beautifully discovered by Ali Hamza and ZojhaibKazi this season. Coke studio producers launch Kalash based song Pareek, just before the season has actually launched.

Coke Studio, the prime and prominent music podium.I would say that Coke Studio is a voyager for the artists overall.

The release of Pareek, first of its kind is a melody highlighting a Kalash based set of two, Ariana and Amrina. The song, ‘Pareek’ has been shot in the snow covered hills of Kalash and a mini wooden hut. It is a great responsibility to look after all the technicalities in freezing cold and producing a beautiful number in full swings and love accepted by the people of the Kalash Valley.

The Kalash valley of Chitralis positioned in the southern canyons of the Hindu Kush mountain range. The Kalash Culture Center is in Brun, Bumburet valley, where folk history, culture and civilization of the Kalash is preserved under one roof.

The folklore genre, Pareek is an innovative track and I wish coke studio best wishes.






Sweet and sugary people of the twin cities it is the great time of the year 2017. Well it is on the ending notes of the circle 365 days yet it is an amazing end.

I am not saying it because the days and nights are chilled but because we are about to practically see a new concept of art.

To me art is just not a three alphabets composition but it holds the way of life in it.

“The music we  listen, the  creativity that  comes  out  of  us in any form, even the way you love is a pure  form of art or to  be  exact the writer I am. It is the part of an artistic attribution given to me by the ALLAH Almighty.” – Fatima Hasan Zaidi

So, here on 2nd and 3rd of December 2017, you all are about to witness the great festival ART LANGAR which has been designed by Arieb Azhar. He calls himself a musician for life and not a singer, whereas I agree to it. And if dear readers you do not believe what your eyes just read, please do come join us at the Rock Musicarium near Lake View Park in Islamabad.

After the successful establishment of Music Mela since 2014, Arieb Azhar wanted to establish a more inclusive platform through the ART LANGAR to gather a vibrant community around Art & Music based on the principles of Creativity, Self-Expression, Innovation, Active Participation, Inclusion, Civic Responsibility and Service to Humanity.


ART LANGAR is a ground breaking initiative that connects the concept of ‘Langar’ (Communal Kitchen; Gift of Food; Ship’s Anchor) with Music and Arts, to demonstrate the practical and humanist worth of Art; as well as to emphasize that Food does not only come in material form, but can also be ‘Food-for-the-Soul’.

ART LANGAR will include three components:

  1. Art Installations
  2. Musical Performances & Collaborations
  3. Langar – the Gift of Food

Art Installations & Manifestations


For the first time in Pakistan, Art Installations will be promoted through the platform of an outdoor festival. Professional Artists, as well as Art and Design departments of multiple educational institutions shall engage in creating innovative and interactive works of Art.

Musical Performances & Collaborations

Performances of the best folk, rock and contemporary music from across the country will be held in the amphitheater and grounds, as well as original collaborations. An open drum circle will be organized around a bonfire as well as interactive sessions with music mentors.

Music, here  is  so  much  of  it you  can see  who  is  your  favorite and you want to  listen to.


Well, take a little of the  writer’s  advice all of them are  great  musicians. Each has something amazing  to provide to  your ears. So do not skip a beat that can make you  groove.



The Gift of Food – Contributions will be collected on the first day for a “Langar” or communal kitchen to be established on the second day of the festival. The food will be distributed for Sunday lunch among street children of Mashal Model School, who will be specially brought to the festival. Interactive sessions will be organized with the children in order to provide them a full day of music, art, games, food and fun.

You  will be getting  so  much in  just a little amount so  get  up  buy the passes soon and by  entertaining  yourselves you will  be making  your  contribution for the society  as well. The give and take process of love, wisdom and care is the most peaceful for the soul.

See you  soon and let us all grab a way to redefine ourselves too.






Lok Mela, Preserved the Heritage Best For Saima Jatti

Lok Mela, Preserved the Heritage Best For Saima Jatti

Folk’s flavor in harmony initiates from their culture and heritage. Pakistan, being the center of attention for the tourists from all around the world contains a specific importance in depicting its cultural heritage and lok (traditional) music. Lok Mela brings around joyous ten days for the people to get to know about their culture, this year Lok Mela made a folk singer happier too. Lok Mela, preserved the heritage best for Saima Jatti.

Bali Jatti was the first women to be the owner of a stage theater in Punjab but she did not permitted her daughter to adhere her profession but her granddaughter Saima Jatti chose the profession by heritage.

Samia Akhtar as known as Saima Jatti being the granddaughter of Bali Jatti engrossed the spectators by performing the melodious notes and shared the stage with Fazal Jutt on 8th April 2017 at Lok Mela, Islamabad Pakistan.

The annual ten days colorful festival add more  color to it, when the  performing artists  feel proud to take  forward their ancestors profession.


During the mela, I met Saima Akhtar.


Saima Akhtar and Fatima Hasan Zaidi

A very loving artist from Lahore who  performed a song during the day time ‘Teray Bajray di Rakhi’ and while talking to  her I came  to  know that  she she really  happy  as she was given her grandmother’s dress in legacy.

The black dress she wore while performing with Fazal Jutt


Saima Akhtar and Fazal Jutt

holds great importance, as the same dress was worn by Bali Jatti in 1987 while performing at the stage of lok virsa. This is how  lok mela, preserved the heritage best for  Saima Jatti.

As you begin to realize that every different type of music, everybody’s individual music, has its own rhythm, life, language and heritage, you realize how life changes, and you learn how to be more open and adaptive to what is around us.  🙂





1. Briefly describe yourself and your family.

I am a musician based in Islamabad at home in Pakistan and Croatia, where I also lived for a third of my life. My father is Aslam Azhar, who lead the project for the founding of PTV in Pakistan and who was also a great actor, director and orator. My mother is NasreenAzhar who has been a champion of human rights and woman rights in Pakistan all her life. I’v got an elder brother Usama in Germany and a half sister Yasmin, and my younger sister Umaima lives with us in Islamabad. She has been the biggest inspiration in all my work.

2. Where were u born? Favorite color? Favorite food
I was born in Rawalpindi. I don’t have a favorite color, it changes according to my mood. I like all sorts of food from all over the world. I think Pakistan has some of the best food in the world.

3. How were you as a child?
My mother tells me that when I was born I cried for three days. I guess that was my first Riaaz in this world! As a child I was full of energy and curious about each and everything like most children.


4. Tell us about your educational background.
I did my schooling from Karachi Grammar School till O’ Levels. We’d shifted to Karachi when my father was sacked by the Zia regime. He, together with MansoorSaeed founded the drama group Dastak, which was the only theater group in Pakistan at the time, besides Ajoka in Lahore, who was doing serious and socially aware theater in the local language. I more or less grew up in Dastak and together with Mansoor’s daughter Sania Saeed, acted in a lot of theater plays.

5. Your dad belonged to PTV, why did not you join it?
I never wanted to join a government institution with an incumbent bureaucracy, I was not brought up that way. Even my father would never have joined PTV or any government institution today. He set it up at a time when it was still possible to create something new and truly become a public service. I was always interested in music and film and theater, but I decided that even if one does one good thing in life that is enough, and music has always been my primary passion.

6. When did you start to sing?
I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember. My earliest memories are of grown ups sitting around me and me entertaining them. Then I had a great music teacher in the junior section of Karachi Grammar School, a lovely Parsi lady who used to be a great piano player also. She encouraged me constantly and when I was passing out of junior school into senior school, she held my by the shoulders looked me squarely in the eye and told me, “you’v got something special, don’t ever give up on music!”
I have never forgotten her advice, bless her soul.

7. Is singing your hobby or you have pursued it as full time career?
I have been a professional musician for more than 17 years. Every person in my band is a professional musician. You cannot do justice to it if you pursue it as a hobby. If you follow your heart and not what society dictates, it can take a long time to stand on your feet, but there is nothing more fulfilling in life. We are truly blessed in this respect.

8. If you were an eatable  what would you be.

9. What is the type of music you sing and why are you inspired by it?
I sing all music that touches my soul. Whichever language it might be in, which I speak, or whichever style, with whichever instruments. If I had to give it a name, I would call it ‘soul music’. I am inspired by it because if music is done properly, it is the highest form of art and communion with humankind and one’s God.

10. Did not you face any problems while starting to sing by your family?
No, I come from a family of artists and thinkers. There have been no businessmen, marketers in our family. My family has always encouraged me to follow my own heart and to be grateful for what I have.

11. Who else in your family sings?
My mother has a lovely tuneful voice, but she never pursued this particular talent. My father has a great speaking voice and a magnificent sense of music though he seldom sings. I learnt how to breath properly and throw my voice initially from him. My elder brother is very talented in music composition and has the potential to become a great singer but he has not yet pursued it seriously. Both my half sister in Germany and sister in Pakistan play the piano.

12. Who are your musical inspirations? Image
I have so many. Mostly it is folk musicians from all over the world. From Pakistan – Patthaney Khan, Abida Parveen, Tufail Niazi, Alam Lohar, Sain Jumman, Alan Faqeer, Sohrab Faqir, Faiz Baloch, Reshma, Mai Bhaagi and so many others. Then there are the early Blues masters like Skip James, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters; gypsy musicians like SabanBajramovic, EsmaRedepova, Taraf De Haidouks; rock balladeers like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, John Lennon; Bob Marley and the Wailers; Irish musicians like Christy Moore; African masters like FelaKuti, Femi Kuti, Ali FarkaTouree and so many others…

13. Do you play any instruments?
I accompany myself on the guitar and mess around with other instruments when I can.

14. If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be?
I don’t consider myself in any special genre of music so I do mess around with any genres I find interesting.

15. What hidden talents do you have?
I sing, I think, I write, I have acted and directed. I have no idea!

16. Do you enjoy writing music or just singing?
I compose most of the songs that I sing. I try to write songs but there are very few which I can completely stand behind. I’m always comparing what I write to the great poets like Bulleh Shah… I feel I have a long way to go as a poet.

17. What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
When I was in Zagreb Croatia during the war, once a drunk soldier who’d just returned from the front pulled out a gun on me, stuck it in my belly and threatened to shoot me, because he didn’t like my looks, but I managed to talk my way out of the situation and it ended with hugs all round! A lot of people lost their shit during war times.

18. Are you fashion conscious or you have your own style statement
I have nothing to do even remotely with fashion or giving style statements.

19. What’s your motto or the advice you live by?
“Take everything as a lesson/challenge/opportunity to grow, because ultimately everything exists for the purpose of your spiritual evolution”

20. Please jot down your favorite lines of music?
“Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering, there’s a crack, a crack in everything, that’s where the light gets in!” – by Leonard Cohen
“Masjid Dha de Mandirdha de, dha de jokujdhenda; par ikbande da dilnadhaaveen, Rabbdilaanvichrehnda!” – Mian Muhammad Baksh

21. What are the five things you can’t live without?
Guitar, smokes, something to write on, love, purpose…

22. How do you react if people in a public place recognize you?
I thank them and consider myself fortunate.

23. I personally like Husn-e-Haqiqi.. Why is it so soothing, it seems like relaxing as we meditate after yoga? Is this only my feeling or yours too?

I think this piece written by Khwaja Ghulam Fareed is one of the most inspiring pieces I’v ever come across. As soon as my friend showed me this poem, I started reciting it aloud and by the next morning I was singing it! If I have managed to do some justice to it’s content I am happy. Good music and poetry always soothes and inspires me.

24. Any message to those who are inspired by you.
There is a false mirror of mainstream society around you, and there is the internal mirror of your own heart, which is often clouded. If you polish that mirror and follow what your heart dictates perhaps you will find contentment. Everyone has the right to be happy, without taking away someone else’s happiness.



Asfand Yar a Rapper from BS Mass Communication NUML


Name: Asfand Yar Dar

Birth Place: Murree, Pakistan

Date of Birth: 3.11.1992

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Song: It changes with the passage but right now it is (Design of Malice by J.M.T)

Favorite Rapper: Vinnie Pez

Craziest Fantasy: To direct a movie upto the level of James Cameron


Fatima: Describe yourself.

Asfand: A song writer, rapper, want to be a director … Straight forward attitude J

Fatima: What is RAP to you?

Asfand: Rap is everything.

Fatima: Who inspired you to be a rapper?

Asfand: Adil Omar quote inspired me “We have many rappers but we don’t have song writers.”

Fatima: Since when are you rapping? Will you go on with rap or some other stuff?

Asfand: Since last 2 years and will go on with rap & direction

Fatima: Is your family supportive towards songwriting?

Asfand: My dad doesn’t know about it , My mom is not supportive but doesn’t stop me.

Fatima: Are you style conscious?

Asfand: Not at all, Character is my first priority and then looks J

Fatima: What are the three things you can’t live without?

Asfand: Music, Oxygen (LAUGHS) & criticizing movies.

Fatima: If you were not a human, what were you be?

Asfand: Komodo Dragon (Reptile)

Fatima: Rap your best composition.





Fatima: How do you feel to give an interview?

Asfand: Pretty awesome for the first interview .