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Being A Woman, I Support Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

Being A Woman, I Support Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

In my opinion Khalil Ul Rehman Qamar was being pumped by Marvi Sarmad time and again by saying ‘Mera Jism Meri Merzi’. She should have waited for her turn to speak and when he was first asking her to stop it; she should have stopped it in first place.

In Pakistan, I wonder why people try to build up a new line of rules for women. I being a woman do not support it. It is a common observation that even if even a woman breaks rule while driving the mass gather around the police “In ko janay dein ladies ko to naa rokein”. This looks odd to me.

We are living in a society where a man is proved wrong where even he is right but woman is portrayed as the submissive and proved right even if she has done wrong. We must clearly point out; the wrong in wrong situations.

By now I’m 27 years old yet I deny to say mera jism meri merzi and I would not have dared to say this phrase event when I was at half of my age as I see young girls in Aurat March. As at that time my parents had a check on me. I clearly remember a day in my life when there came Barbie Bubble gums and it had sticker tattoos. I got fascinated by that and applied it on my neck and what next came through from my parents was loaded insult and by the very moment I had to take it off. Not by just that time even now if my mom does not like any of my outfit while I am ready to go out it is a fact that I need to change it.

To say I am not against feminism but everything should stay in the limit. If my dear natives shout about feminism and equality they must see the perspective of equality in a broader manner not by justifying an inappropriate phrase.

International Day of the Girl – 11TH October



As number of days are observed throughout the year, just in order to make them stand out more particular to honor.  Today is International Day of the Girl.

Each year on October 11 girl’s rights around the world is observed while we’ve made a lot of progress, I thought to give it a special feature this week. As all the imagesyou see around is because of the girls.

Girls are the trendsetters of the colourful fashion industry. Cultural diversity has been immensely seen around when beautifully displayed upon a girl, though in whatever age is she?  There are some challenges which almost every girl would have encountered while choosing her line of career.

Whereas if I take it to the toddlers age even before choosing my career path, number of times I  thought that  life would  be much  better IF I WERE A BOY. Yet now I’m pretty content being a girl.

There are many others which outbreak the lives of girls around the world. This is not at all suitable for a girl’s mental health. In short, here’s everything you need to know about International Day of the Girl.

On this day, our foremost obligation is to start an awareness campaign about life of girls, for girls, by the girls till where we have our reach.

 What sort of challenges?


This includes everything from admittance to education and healthcare, being forced into child marriages, being blemished by female genital scar,

ornamented like a showpiece and presenting you as a puppet in front of theRishta People’

and equal opportunities as children and young adults too. Girls in all countries continue to experience gender discrimination on a daily basis.


Through, the day today I wish to see girls progressing up in all fields of life.


Talent and Skills Cursed by Reference System





Dream big to achieve big in life, all my 16 years of education circled around this phrase; but nobody told me that I m living in a country where degree, qualification, talent, skills and experience does not matter. It is an insignificant little thing cursed by the reference system.

Where ever I go with my resume with massive experience in my relevant subject, where my publications, skills, experience and my hard work is the only reference I have. I m not entertained by the authorities because either they do not trust in themselves and are afraid to see the resume and hire on what their mind says or they do not have the potential to do so.

All they need is a strong living being to be at the back of the one who wants to do something and they fail to understand that the reference won’t be putting in effort in the work but the person who stand firm with a CV.
I wonder if reputed organizations ever change their policies and optimistically hire the graduates on behalf of what they are and not what their sources are.




------------------------------------------------------------------- Week Ending : 25 April 1996 Issue : 02/17 -------------------------------------------------------------------
Invitational womens games in October
Sports Correspondent

ISLAMABAD, April 23: Pakistan Women's Sports Board has asked the 
national  federations  of  athletics,  table  tennis,  badminton, hockey 
and volleyball to obtain international confirmations of at least  four 
 countries by end of May to finalise the  staging  of `Invitational 
Women's Games 1996' from Oct 19-24 at  Islamabad.

During  the 'review meeting' of the 2nd Islamic Women's  Games, Begum 
Shahnaz Wazir Ali, special assistant to the prime  minister on social 
sector, requested the national federations of the  five sports  included 
in the invitational meet to obtain  confirmation from four to five 
countries for participation in the event. "It will be an opportunity of 
international competition for  our girls  to  get  ready,' Begum Shahnaz 
 said  while  stating  that allocations  have  already  been  made for 
 the  funding  of  the invitational  games at Islamabad and the ministry 
of  sports  was working on it.

It was learnt that invitations to Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, 
Iran and a number of Central Asian states has already been sent. However 
the federations are yet to get a response  from them for the meet. It 
may be added here that Begum Shahnaz Wazir Ali had earlier asked the 
federations to invite Muslim States to participate in the `invitational 
meet which will also serve as a rehearsal for the forthcoming bigger 
event next year. However, since the "Invitational Games" are been  dealt 
at the federation level, they want to invite those countries whose 
standard of game will be comparable to Pakistan. We want these 
invitational games to help boost the morale of our sportswomen who are 
working hard for the challenge, Qamar Saeed Zaidi, vice president, 
Pakistan Table Tennis Federation said.