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Masood Hasan Zaidi Deficiency

Masood Hasan Zaidi Deficiency
It's the father's month

“It’s the father’s month but mine rests in peace.” Fatima Hasan Zaidi

Every year the beginning of the June was so joyful. I had plans of how to surprise him on Father’s Day and after he left the start of the month and the month itself is so depressing.

I miss him each passing day but at times the desire to touch him, to be wrapped in his arms, head on his chest, his palm on my head, his voice uttering my name is so strong that no other thing and no other being can fulfill his absence.

As the  days are passing by, I am encountering success, with each successful moment. I miss  him even more.

In crowd, in the moments of merrymaking; my eyes wander to and fro just to have his look around. I stop at places I smell his fragrance.

Every such day, or a month enlisting such days; is a throbbing reminder of his deficiency in my life.

My father was like a Vitamin to me and now I have his absence as an utter deficiency. This JUNE is more upsetting than rest of the June(s) I was  through after he traveled to the World Hereafter.

To the extreme it happens to me that  Eid, Holy Celebration and Father’s day; both are falling on day after the other. the depth of my pain can only be understood by the ones who have lost their loved ones.. I  or any human loves to live in illusions so even that  we know one day we all  have to  travel  to the God, the  heart  does not  except the absence of a person at the moment from our life.

Where as I strongly  believe that missing someone makes us alive that the one  we love  breathes with us and is along. Condolences never make me feel  good.

“What I believe in is what I know that is what my father gave me in heritage was ‘ The Power of Dominance’.” – Fatima Hasan Zaidi


Being Melancholic!



Being Melancholic is a feeling that each person experience at any rate once in their lives. Since life has its stages there are times when it will make you tragic or even discouraged. There are times in life when one feels down and encounters stuff that makes them hopeless. Much the same as bliss however pity doesn’t keep going forever on the grounds that in the long run the satisfaction will return as life shifts stages. Much the same as it isn’t  day or night perpetually or Winter or summer always there is no bliss of bitterness that keeps going forever. Everything takes a break. One feels pitiful in the event that they lose something or somebody valuable to them, or if things don’t go how they imagined them or they come up short at something or something different.

Sadness differs from individual to individual; a touchy individual will probably get tragic in light of the fact that their emotions are effectively harmed however it doesn’t imply that the individuals who are not as delicate won’t ever get pitiful. It is a feeling that can totally change what you look like at your general surroundings. Sadness can make you so negative that you can just spotlight on every one of the negatives around you. A few people don’t need others to try and realize that they are experiencing a harsh stage throughout everyday life and these individuals tend to hold every one of their feelings inside which escalates the sentiment since it is eating that individual from within. But at least I  can write to feel better.



Mystically Mysterious Love !

Mystically Mysterious Love !

Mystically Mysterious Love By FHZ

And then certainly at night she realizes, she has nobody to talk , nobody who could listen what she wants just the tears roll down her cheeks as darkness prevails around..

Argues herself !

Nobody taught u to fall in love..

It was a fairy tale like

No, it was beyond my control.. She answers

She desires just a little to communicate, just because don’t want to lose..
She knows love has made her selfless & she is helpless because when she talks to herself..
The inner soul just says to her either leave yourself or try to end up selfless.
She is afraid of the fact of staying alone without him..
Because she cant imagine to live that way..
Depth of emotion tells unless it is not painful you can’t call it love..

She replies, Love is for once, it has been done, wont happen ever again..
Throw hands up in the air and says LOVE YOU, it’s irresistible.

It is mysterious

It is really love .. She answers                                                                                                         As, it has made you; , a crazy soul to write about sensitivity of a feeling..

Love is mysteriously mystic!

She answers, Yes I am in

Mystically Mysterious Love !

Copyrights © Fatima Hasan Zaidi


Equality Is As Blind As Love



We all are liars. Generally to make people believe us we use the term that we all are equal. Equal for the man kind or as sent by the God all equal. It  is  just another way of  satisfaction, but  the  reality  is  always different and  believe me.

Life is not a fairly-tale it is  a reality and  reality  is always sad! – Fatima Hasan Zaidi

Finally  surprised I m  at  myself because knowing a lot  of things I always kept  myself in an illusion. well I still do. Just  because all the  times I  do  not  want to face the anxiety  attacks.

So I  prefer  not  to  bother  about  what  is  the  next  outcome  of the stupidity  I  m going to do right  at  any moment. As I  want to fully enjoy  the life I have. Indulging  my self  in illusions keep  me  away  from negative thinking though.

Same  it is  we  often hear that  love is blind. So, is equality but the  only  difference is that, people who  fall in love; fall for each other  despite knowing the specifications about the other. It is something so pure that has no answer to  the  question that

Why did  you  fall in love?

Loving someone does not get you  into  the  details of caste, creed, color, face, height, weight, religion, sect etc. It happens  out  of nowhere. That  is  why, it  is  said that  love  follows  no  religion. Animals we love follows  no religion too. Love is all about selflessness. This is  what  love is to me…

Keep  your eyes  here, soon I shall post  in verses  that  what  is love but love  demands  equality. I know writing  here  I am  not  specific  about the  heading  I  stated above But I write to escape  the anxiety attacks I go through.


Believers of Imam Hussain A.S

Believers of Imam Hussain A.S

And dear ‘so called perfectionists’ of the  society, I am not answerable to anybody for what I write but Allah only. And I write what  I  feel.

Thoughts burn in my heart when I see elderly people doing obnoxious stuff in the sacred month of Muharram, between the Aashura specialy. People full of knowledge do not see the positivism of the Majalis  going around, they never take out minutes to listen any thing to clear their own disturbed thoughts exclaiming things about Shia Sect that mourn over the month.

Instead they  try to  find out the sarcastic stuff and talk over it then share it over the social media.. Wow, indeed for such people who see the photo shopped photographs put  lines over it  and post it as “INNOVATION” in Islam. One can clearly recognize if blood is shown with colors or some thing is genuine out there.

I am no scholar but just a believer of Imam Hussain  (A.S), I write just when thoughts prove me to think.. Just one thing to ponder upon is that, I will directly say non believers of Imam Hussain A.S are those who instead of mourning upon HIS  loss, start blabbing around on others with various statements. Often we  listen ” Shia Kafir” those who speak bad about  a sect of Islam are the ones who hurt their fellow Muslims exclaiming  themselves to be the great one.

In this scenario why do they forget that.

It is stated in QURAN not to hurt.

  • By which Allah guides those who pursue His pleasure to the ways of peace and brings them out from darkness into the light, by His permission, and guides them to a straight path. (5:16)

    Since the childhood we listen that deeds of a person will remain with the person who is doing so, it will not affect others in  surroundings so why does the living by people are affected by MOURNING and MATAM  others do. That should not be and understand that Allah may not ask them that why you were after that fellow to stop mourning.

The thing is do these kind of people do everything as stated in the Holy Book. Do they not lie? Do they not  hurt others? Do they behave very well with their relatives? Do they not hurt people by their taunts? Do they not backbite. In short if these people are perfect in practicing the teachings of Islam, they may do so or stop people but when they are  not perfect  they must  work on themselves not to create mess over web as part of the proxy wars.

It is a common thing that when a loved one dies you have no control over yourself. You cry, you behave in a different way because you lose your consciousness and crying or mourning over a loved one is not wrong so people should keep their filthy thoughts to themselves though it be Moharram or some ones death.

When you loose a loved one you start to understand the meaning of mourning of the Karbala more because when you see a death from so close ; you start to feel the pain of those who were martyred by the so called Muslims of that time.

Those who say that crying  is wrong over a dead may increase their knowledge as it is not an innovation (.

Quran details the crying of the skies and the earth in the Quran;

  • And neither heaven nor earth shed a tear over them: nor were they given a respite (again). (44:29)

So, all must see themselves and stop poking their noses around, because others mourning will not bother you in your grave and you are nobody to work on what others believe and others will never change the religious practice because of anybody..

Simply, who can not feel the pain of Imam Hussain A.S and the love for HIM by his believers should go and read about it instead of asking others to tell them about Imam Hussain A.S. and reading for increasing self knowledge is as well verily stated in Quran.

(96:1 – 5)

Read in the name of your Lord who created. Created man from a clinging substance. Read, and your Lord is the most Generous. Who taught by the pen . Taught man that which he knew not.