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Attitudes Change After Having A Baby

Attitudes Change After Having A Baby

Ultimate depression after delivering a baby is that the very close people around you change. You are always asked for ‘How is the baby’ not you. All what is left important is the baby not the one who went into number of pains to fetch out the baby.

The feeling of left out alone, is not worth it!

They do not even understand the fact that this behaviour can lead to serious issues for the mother which can lead to mood disorders or can be contagious to the baby.

All what i am writing is what i m going through and it is not easy. As in every case most pains are catered by mom and when the mother says my baby, the other half remarks as his baby but there are difference in standards. What so ever our society can not ever change. Everyone is hypocrite.

They love objecting and neglecting mothers but all else is pretty fine.

Only a new mother can do well if she is loved the same way when she was a wife.