It Is OKAY To Be Lost

It Is OKAY To Be Lost

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“This is all new and it is all fine to feel a little lost and it is fine to feel unsure, it is the time when words don’t roll out but the eyes get wet. There is no way to deal with it except shedding the silent tears and praying deep as the tears even don’t roll down but gather by the side of the eyelids. This is when you try to be at your best but still it can not e enough. No one tries to understand the feeling of transformation that goes inch by inch in your body, that’s making the changes in you without your permission and all in all if nothing is in your hands, being with your mum in such a situation is the cure, as she is the only one who has been through it around 26 years back what I am through. Whereas I am sure the changes she went by were same as default without asking her. But a writer can all do is to shed tears and write about what she feels. While being in the time of changing I think it is completely okay to go through what I am through is called adjusting. This is so difficult and no one will ever know about it.” – An Excerpt from the life of Fatima Hasan Zaidi(7.9.2019)

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