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A Notepad Which Spoke About Baba


I was sitting calm under a perfectly blended blue sky with a writing pad in my lap,a pen in right hand and as I started to take in and out the oxygen; tears rolled down my cheeks wordlessly then got absorbed in the skin. Well this is a natural process happens with everybody but nobody ever went in its deep detail.

During it in between a secondment millions and millions of thoughts crossed my mind and one of the most heart rendering thought was that I thought I am alone, I was thinking about the stuff and then I wanted to communicate with baba not in the sense as people say that baba listens do me but i wanted to hear his voice talking to me..

Thinking it, the flow of tears increased. Suddenly I heard flip flop of the paper, attention diverted as if the paper of the notepad was trying to speak to me in that moment of silence I Looked at it and began to roll the pen over the page, jotting down my thoughts and as I wrote the feelings; it started to feel better.

Though even then I was unable to hear baba but his voice redeemed in my mind. By turning the page eventually the pen stopped rolling over and the notepad’s page kept blank as if it said, it can not bear the flooding eyes and the love between a father and a daughter as some thoughts stay in head as no one can answer them except the one you are looking for and I am just a page to help you feel better but can’t bring you back your baba.

I was depressed about it and suddenly I found my self lying in baba’s lap where I felt the warmth of vibrant blazing colors as the whole scenario happened between we two. I was happy and instantaneously I opened my eyes to hug him and then got to know, it was a dream.

A beautiful Dream.

By: Fatima Hasan Zaidi



I knew girl a few months back who was such a lazy, sleepy girly that she used used to sleep all the time. Whenever anyone asked; the answer used to be might be sleeping, she is sleeping, sleeping of course or just about to sleep. But then as her dad passed away everything changed. She lost her dear baba and she was lost in herself. She lost the way she used to sleep, everything changed and all is that she about her baba along the breaths she take. She communicates in the air assuming baba to be with her and listening to her voice and dreadfully even at nights she is unable to sleep. All she does is try to put herself to sleep by calling baba and asking him that Baba

Bohat der ho gai hai, Jia sona chahti hai, Jia ko aak sulaa dein…


Translates: It is too late, Jia wants to sleep coma and put her to sleep.

I miss you a lot baba.

Jia is my pet name..

BY: Fatima Hasan Zaidi

In My Undefined Ways


Standing lonesome at corner of flowing water, staring at sun rays spread wide on water as little crystals getting towards you in such an amazing bliss and the sound of tossing and turning of waves is really peaceful for a sorrowful heart in disguise.” Fatima Hasan Zaidi..