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An Educationalist-par Excellence


Days glide by, time runs and the wheel of life takes the turn. Usually it comes under our common hearing that; as father as son but the nature has turned it delightfully changed a son into daughter. What else can it be when he had only daughters. I was overjoyed to know that a journalist of Pakistan, Qamar Saeed Zaidi (LATE) was one of the venerable men who prior to joining national and international news agencies started his journalistic profession with Pakistan Observer from Islamabad.

His words were read in Indo-Pak too. Functioning on almost the same line of profession, his daughter, Bushra Zaidi is an educationist in Middle East Dubai operating LEAD Training Institute as a consultant coach. She has excelled in a foreign state by representing Pakistan, with her leadership qualities.

In today’s world where the only constant is ‘change’, synergizing competence, skills, creativity and utilizing human capital to its maximum is the only way forward. These training programmes are opening up new frontiers towards a change in the mindsets to benefit organizations, individuals and the entire community.

Further the Institute is in contact liaison with various international certification organizations and educational institutions from Pakistan, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, India, Singapore and USA to have a strategic partnership, accreditation, affiliation to get auxiliary endorsement and work jointly. History, though has transformed but being on the same line of track it is repeating and will keep on repeating till we become a robust nation.


                      FATIMA HASAN ZAIDI