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Life is a greatest blessing of Allah, it has been given to all human beings so they can achieve what they want to. Each individual on earth dreams about something, he wants to do or get.

Some people believe that dreams do not come true it has just to be wished with closed eyes and it disappears as eyes are opened but still the people exist too who believe that


and these dreams are seen with open eyes. It means that if you have a strong focus on something and you are determined about it, no force can stop you to reach to your final destination.

There was a time not so long ago, just five to six years back I dreamed a dream and my school’s principal Ma’m Nasreen Tariq said to me that if you dream something, go for big dreaming because if you will dream big a day will come and your dream will come true. I listened to her advice and focused on my dream, which was whenever I will join the first media organization it would be PTV.¬†

When people around asked me , why PTV? I just  used to say as it was the first channel of Pakistan I am affiliated to it. I want to do something for my land then why not take a start from PAKISTAN TELEVISION.

Days passed by and I got admitted to a university NUML for BS MASS COMMUNICATION the field I am interested in. I met people belonging to PTV ; my teachers and mentors and just thought to struggle until I get my dream fullfiled.

Finally a day came and it said INTERNSHIP and I thought of PTV. Veins in the brain started to clap and then 29TH JULY 2013, came and I joined PTV WORLD. WOAH!! I was overjoyed and it was the best day in hand, it was different. I met people I used to see on screen. I met my inspiration OMAR KHALID BUTT. All the people are too good. My aim was


My dream came true. I am happy , now I want to be a vigilant worker. My dream now is to learn what will be taught, fall for mistakes and get up by learning from them. This is life.





Literature is the artistic expression of thought, which is filled with feelings, emotions and imagination. It is expressed in such a delicate form which gives aesthetic pleasure and relief to the mind of a common man.

Literature also heightens our awareness about human life. It enables us to look at nature without eyes. It is a rose in a moonlight garden, almond blossom, the cup of coffee and a guitar, a bird on the wings and a tree standstill in sand. We are trained to respond to these things and such response is called literature.


Literature is the outcome of best thoughts. The literary person is the one who through books explore strange voyages of man’s moral reasons. Poets, Dramatists, the great preachers and the wise political orators are the men of literature. Literature has close connection with life, it tells how to love the loved one. Life provides the raw material and the literature gathers it and presents it in literary artistic way. Through literature we learn wisdom from Aristotle and geometry from Euclid. Literature is the brain of humanity. It has more to do with written and less with spoken. Spoken words have limited range but writing is full of thoughts that never ends. Literature is a permanent record and is personal in character. Language is the vehicle of thoughts and literature is the way on which vehicle moves.