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Life for some is a blessing and for some turns to b a curse at a certain point. If it is curse for a single person then it means that person is curse for the entire life. Either world should abstain from having that curse at the time of birth or if has brought it up then soon diminish it. If the world condemns diminishing of that curse, then she must own a license to do whatever she wants to do with her so called life!!! rather than killing her by the gun shots of words from the past.

How irritating the life is? A small word life, but full of tensions and creepiness. Past is such a difficult object of life it is attached with curse as if it has been glued to her. How much the curse tries to get away from her past and tries to intermingle with blessings but can’t figure it out why spots from past don’t let the curse live and move ahead. Why society has imprinted the tag of CURSE on her? Why is society so dominating?

Though curse knows very well that she has lived twenty years or so of absurdity and has given loads of  pain to the  blessings around,and sometimes curse wants to be the part of blessings but they do not let this to happen. Blessings keep on mumbling about the bloody past of the curse though the curse now on the right path but no one accepts that because if this will happen than  how will blessings curse upon the curse.

The curse is only a creature who lives on earth who is cursed now and then but it is in her fate to listen the taunts of the blessings and then she has to smile to tell the blessings that she is strong and what else she can do as her justification is not listened but at the end she cries for mercy of death in solitude.