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                 The world consists of various people belonging to various walks of life , cultures , customs traditions and religions. For the mass their religion is the most valuable jewel. One can not compromise if any body says false about their religion.

                 Muslims are the nation spread worldwide who practices their religion ” Islam” with freedom and allows every other being to practice their religion with freedom. Muslims can not bare if somebody gives out false appearance of Islam.

                 We, the Muslims have staunch believe in Oneness of Allah, Holy Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) . We believe that Allah exists because of the signs present in nature. We don’t need any caricatures because we have deep love in our hearts.

                 Whenever somebody says wrong about our religion that gets on our nerves and we reacts in order to bring peace. Terry Jones , God knows for what made caricatures and did movie on blasphemy. This act of Americans gathered hatred among Muslims for them. People in every part of world protested  in front of embassy to show then the right way and the passionate protest was conducted in the premises of NUML  by the students of mass communication which showed love for the Prophet (P.B.U.H) by moving block to block.

                   Protest was arranged and leaded by Syed Waqar Ali Shah, Naqash Malik , Tahir Rafiq , Anwar ul haq and Ammar Moin. It was followed by number by students with slogans raised on high pitch and other slogans were written on play cards which gave the massage of love and devotion.


                          In the end Waqar Ali Shah delivered a speech and prayed for the prosperity of Islam and Pakistan.

                         I , believe and i pray that the non Muslims  after going through our religion may ponder upon their mistakes and not repeat it again in order to bring peace  , love and unity among the countries … ameen