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No fight can end, no friendship can move on until everybody can learn to say “sorry” and “thank you”. Though these words seem to be so small but have a lot of meaning.

In friendships it is never about winning that who will say sorry or thank you first, will win. Friendships are never like super powers and there should never be a winner or a looser.  When you start to fight with a friend, it may feel important that you may win by providing that you are right and other person is wrong.  In reality both will lose if you let the fight ruin your friendship and you will both win if one of you will find a way to heal it.

A time will definitely come when you will realize that you must apologies and you will think that you lose but remember in the end you will remember good deed of your friends and forget bad deeds of your enemies.

Are you sick of fighting? Do you think this fight will ruin your friendship? Then, take the first step and try being the first one to apologies even that was not your fault. Just say sorry for the reason that you think you got hurt because of this fight or you don’t want this friendship for long. Once you sorry it is the invitation for the other person to say it back and both will win.

Have strength! go and say simple sorry or take a card and write on it.

“Friends are like superpowers whether it will strengthen

You up or will be as destructive as hell.”



Apart 7 wonder of the world Image
i have created 8th
which is so enthusiastic and great
MC Donald’s is 8th wonder of the world
which twinkles apart everywhere as a star
we must thanks Ronald
for creating MC donald’s
each eatable there ends up with wholesome taste
and every body present there is full of grace
dine in or take away
every thing is at its best way
MC DONALD’S is a bond
which holds tight everything as fish are in pond
and whole of the staff
is as sweet as chocolate bars