Attitudes Change After Having A Baby

Attitudes Change After Having A Baby

Ultimate depression after delivering a baby is that the very close people around you change. You are always asked for ‘How is the baby’ not you. All what is left important is the baby not the one who went into number of pains to fetch out the baby.

The feeling of left out alone, is not worth it!

They do not even understand the fact that this behaviour can lead to serious issues for the mother which can lead to mood disorders or can be contagious to the baby.

All what i am writing is what i m going through and it is not easy. As in every case most pains are catered by mom and when the mother says my baby, the other half remarks as his baby but there are difference in standards. What so ever our society can not ever change. Everyone is hypocrite.

They love objecting and neglecting mothers but all else is pretty fine.

Only a new mother can do well if she is loved the same way when she was a wife.

Only A Mother Can Understand!

Only A Mother Can Understand!

“So this post states well that it is not an easy task to be a mum anyway round. Being a new mum and taking the motherhood along on with my 14 days old little boy. Now I get that how difficult i was as child to my mum till a very big age. It is a number n number of things a mum goes through with first a child in the womb and then when he is in your hands. No one, certainly no one understands the pain of a child except your own mum. There is a vast difference of the criteria to understand you between your direct relations and the relations in law. I hope I as child would have understood my mum’s fears for me before i carried him in my womb for 9 months but certainly no one can understand the mixture of pain and love until and unless he or she goes through it. I believe men will never understand the fact because they do not face pregnancy or the pains of delivery and to the same point even all the others except men, the women do not or will not if she is not your own mom. ” – Fatima Hasan Zaidi

It Is OKAY To Be Lost

It Is OKAY To Be Lost

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“This is all new and it is all fine to feel a little lost and it is fine to feel unsure, it is the time when words don’t roll out but the eyes get wet. There is no way to deal with it except shedding the silent tears and praying deep as the tears even don’t roll down but gather by the side of the eyelids. This is when you try to be at your best but still it can not e enough. No one tries to understand the feeling of transformation that goes inch by inch in your body, that’s making the changes in you without your permission and all in all if nothing is in your hands, being with your mum in such a situation is the cure, as she is the only one who has been through it around 26 years back what I am through. Whereas I am sure the changes she went by were same as default without asking her. But a writer can all do is to shed tears and write about what she feels. While being in the time of changing I think it is completely okay to go through what I am through is called adjusting. This is so difficult and no one will ever know about it.” – An Excerpt from the life of Fatima Hasan Zaidi(7.9.2019)

Disappointed Youth Needs Imran Khan’s Attention

Disappointed Youth Needs Imran Khan’s Attention

Disappointed Youth Needs Imran Khan’s Attention

Disappointment now a days is a great cause of stress and anxiety increase in youngsters of the nation. It has been quite a time since Mr. Khan has taken over the land of the pure. The youth who voted is floating on the high levels of frustration as there are no jobs on the go.

Giving it a big thought almost a class of 24 from various courses  and large number of universities graduate after every six months and all they get into the dark rooms of the mass society where nobody values their talent all what is required is a heavy dose of reference to get a job. This is one side of the story as the recent graduates still try to fit in for non-paid internships, which if you  give a thought process is not a learning point but in sky high prices a person in serving the organization by  taking the load on his shoulders, working 9 to 5 and in return he gets nothing not even recognition because when he goes for a job interview; he is told you can’t get the job as we don’t count internship in experience. Then he realize that the life after being a graduate is just useless and where the youth had a belief that Mr. Khan will change the black things of the society but who knew that black will turn into blacker.

Let me drag the attention to the second side of the story; people who are in need of job with 5 to 7 years of valid experience are still jobless. I m one of the practical example.

As the PTI government took over my happiness turned into immense misery as I was ever told in a media organization about the pay raise as government changes but to my luck it was a downsizing notice. This is not just my story but you pick a stone and every other person is jobless. Nearly it is my daily routine getting up, finding companies, dropping cv but the answer is either no reply or the question is do I have a reference or government organizations ask to work at 20,000 with 7 years or so of  experience.

My only request to the high authorities who read it is that somebody convey into Mr. Prime Minister that please have a look on your youth as well. We need you to be the cause of happiness and end the depression.

By: Fatima Hasan Zaidi

I Am Writing Because I Have An Urge To

I Am Writing Because I Have An Urge To

So, my last post on the blog was written in November 2018 and since then it is a long time; almost 6 months. It is not that during the period I stopped writing but I could not post in detail over here.

Well, I wanted to jot down a complete wedding scenario and life after it but time runs short. No doubt I will do so but this is just a quick recap of my 6 unwritten months.

By the end of December 2018, I got married (So much to write upon it but some part of it brought tears to me.) Soon after the wedding, lets say exactly 8 days after my wedding got an interview call and job on the spot that made me work 9am – 5pm. Had a short 2 days mini honeymoon sort of thing and then came to know that I am expecting.

This was another twist in life, suffering through morning sickness and what not and most of all at such a moment when you miss your father. It is a completely different story.

What more the job was a 3-month contract got over with the twists and turns because I believe that female boss is the one who does not want you to grow. Still, then I worked a lot for the National Assembly of Pakistan despite people did not like it.

Next, I  got employed in Maroof International Hospital, for a month and I left and somehow that’s a story of an unethical doctor to work with ( Will write in detail about it too- disclosing his name too.)

So, now I am at home. Still to say not unemployed. I am working as a freelancer by being at home and writing for a magazine as an Associate Editor and looking after our event management business. Still looking for a full-time job as sitting back home is not my piece of cake.

Life is good, all is well but all in all, I miss my home daily mama, Ahmad and the time I spent there and most of all I miss baba. And then it is Ramazan, the fifth of it after baba’s death so these days are difficult for me. Once away from home, second his absence haunts me more and more but over the night it gets worse. I couldn’t sleep the flashbacks surround me. I keep on reciting the Holy verses but nothing helps and then the pregnancy hormones triggers too. So these days it is a mixture of everything.

I slept so disturbed that I thought to write just because I know writing for the need to relax your muscles is the only cure I can do to myself. The urge to write remains strong.writerfromheart




Baby Mehdi, you know you are just like diamond to me. I never liked kids but you are so precious that I longed for you. From your first picture of birth till now I have all saved with me.

Happy Birth Day Baby Mehdi, I love you so much. You are a year old and so I am. You are the youngest cousin and I am the eldest cousin in the family..

I still  mesmerize the moment when for the very  first time  I held you in my hand and you smiled..

May you have many more happy  birth days ahead.

The one and only Jia

The Weather Reverted Me To Write!



It has  been a long time, I did not write or  spoke my heart out whereas writing  is my  biggest  strength. At times I do think when we were small we  used to write  diaries and  hide it  around when there was no secrets; but now life is all about scary practicalities but we are brave enough to  write it  so openly.

Though  there is not much but the  dread of  growing up, the life and death scares you. Well, In Pakistan it is winters. obviously the winters are gloomy for  me. Closed fans, no noise just  an effect of hibernating haunts the inner me.

Yesterday 1.NOV.2018, it was the  first winter rain of 2018. I like rain and rain makes me sad as I miss my father the most, in  rainy weather. Once when I had him  rain  had the most pleasant  effect on me but now it is  all different. Though I Like it, but my eyes utterly get wet and nose red.

Well not the thoughts in writing but I slept really  late or can call it morning after the  morning prayer I slept. The day was different, I had tea with  mum around 4AM and then Wrote some ones research paper just on  having a  grip of writing. I slept with mum.

The morning was good, calm with rays of  clouds and  no sun rays. I woke up by the mid day and worked along mum, had  a little fight in love with my  bro Ahmad  and a side by  side  talk with Ali and Sidra and then I cleaned my room and now leaving behind the cell on charger. Listened to a few  old bollywood numbers, missed baba a little more and  I thought to write to  write the day-out. Where i m not thinking  what I am typing  but just  what my  fingers  are typing. May  be all useless, but wait  Nothing is useless  in this world.

Though suffering with unemployment these days, as  media downsizing is over the globe but I have a optimistic grip.

I am a Happy girl..